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Welcome to the VISION book website, where you can learn more about the book, its creation and what it does for you.


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The book is only a small part of the VISION Journey as a whole.

The main theme is an On-line Spiritual Journey which culminates in the revelation of an advanced spiritual process that helps you to unlock the Evolution of your Consciousness.

Click here to read feedback and experiences of VISION


How did you find us?
Some of you will have found this website from the guidance in the back of the book.

Some of you will have purchased the book as a result of taking the On-line VISION Journey, perhaps then buying a personal copy of this amazing work.

Some of you may have just surfed in. It doesn’t matter how you arrived, it is just important that you did, for you will not have been drawn to this work by accident.

The Story
The story behind VISION is essentially two stories. The first is the story of the Spiritual Insight which produced the book. The second is the production of this remarkable book and how it works to change your life.

Ultimately, VISION is a Journey into unlocking the Evolution of Human Consciousness. The book is merely a part of this Journey. In fact, only the very beginning of this Journey.

The Light
The book and its message acts upon your consciousness in an individual way. When you understand more about how it works, you will also benefit more from the words within it.

The Journey
Even if you have purchased and read the book, you are advised to take the VISION On-line Journey. Discover how The Journey unfolds your consciousness and begins to change your life. Although the book is powerful, The Journey really begins at the end of the book - The End is Just the Beginning. It is impossible to offer through the pages of a book what is offered as you commence The VISION On-line Journey.

Register Your Book
Each book contains a unique number so that you can register your copy in this website. Each person who registers helps create the VISION Spiritual Community.

Registration will enable you to maintain contact and receive free, further Spiritual information from time to time.

With your participation, The VISION Community will become a gathering of like-minded seekers of Truth… Seekers of True Spiritual Evolution.

There is an opportunity for you to share your experiences of how VISION touched you and changed your life. Sharing your words uplifts and empowers others, helping them to identify with the different and subtle ways Spiritual Light touches and changes each individual.

Buy Books
Should you wish to purchase additional books for yourself or as gifts, you can place an order with us on the Buy Books page.

Also available to order are Limited Edition Handmade copies of VISION, signed by the author. These books are identical to the original, which evolved through spirit guidance, as the light weaved itself into the pages.

Who wrote VISION?
It doesn’t matter. It is not important.

VISION was given to the people of Earth via Insight and Spiritual Transmission. The author is merely the instrument who has assembled the message as guided. If you choose to take the On-line Journey, you may eventually discover the Recorder’s identity. It is not hidden, but neither is it publicised. But really, it is not important.